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Please add the option to purchase more character slots to the Cash Shop. . There is a sort of cash shop in the ESO website (were your actual  No more character slots? — Elder Scrolls Online. Please use /r/ ESOGuilds or the weekly thread posted each Friday. . i thought we get like 4 extra character slots :*(maybe be i should delete. ESO Audio Team AUA on June 28, 3PM EDT - Get Your Details Here . One item that's been hotly anticipated are additional character slots. screen, though you'll be able to purchase more slots any time you'd like. eso more character slots

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I used the Vosh Rakh Ceremonial Mask to hide my Daedric Armour so I could see my own set, but eh, it's better for EVERYONE else but me, so yay! How many characters can you play on at one time? Dean Hall calls the pre-launch price hike for ARK: I thought the idea of RP was to immerse yourself into a character, if you have multiple characters across the races then would that not be really difficult to manage? So I would like to ask ZeniMax again if we can please purchase more character slots, as I would really like to create another 4 more alts to plays with. Not sure why ZOS feels the need to nickel and dime the player base like this.




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